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1 June 2013
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Many Chinese tourists travelling to Australia will have come from a poor family background and have now moved in to a middle-class lifestyle. With communism diminished and a capital existence, the Chinese are rising and are proud of it.

Just like all tourists, Chinese travellers will be visiting Australia to experience the pleasures of venturing abroad. According to some, Chinese tourists will want to show off their discoveries and gain bragging rights about their adventures. Therefore the more exotic and foreign attractions they can visit and photograph the better.

It should come as no surprise that Chinese tourists, escaping a totalitarian government, highly polluted air and unsafe waters will be thrilled to find Australia’s refreshing and healthy lifestyle. Many tourists, while friendly, can be unsure of their new surroundings and shy towards the Australian people, therefore taking the first step and introducing yourself to tourists to overcome their reserve may be much appreciated.

Unlike the locals, Chinese tourists will prefer to stay out of the harsh Australian sun. In China, dark skin is associated with poverty and farmers which the city-folk look down on. Australia needs to provide for its Chinese tourists in anyway as they will still wish to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and clear water. Contrary to popular opinion, Chinese tourists will also be interested in trying out the local cuisines but keep in mind this will not mean abandoning their home grown tastes completely.

With a real eye for bargains Chinese tourists will want to fit in as many attractions as possible in their busy schedules. With many family and friends back home, a large proportion of the travelling budget may be spent shopping. It will be important to get a good deal with so many gifts to buy.

Chinese tourists may feel mystified towards many Australian cultures just as the locals may feel towards them. This makes it important for the locals to reach out and meet the needs of international travellers to broaden the tourism markets and be seen as a friendly travel destination.

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