William Chen - Speaker

William has had extensive experience speaking and presenting on topics such as Online Marketing and of course Chinese Marketing.

Being a professional magician, William knows how to engage an audience and often integrates a magic trick or two into his keynotes!

Below are some examples of William’s keynotes and topics:

  • Chinese Online Marketing Overview (Presentation) – 20 – 30 mins
    • Overview of the Chinese marketing opportunity, including statistics and trends in Social Media, E-Commerce and Mobile, followed by an introduction to the local Australian Market, as well as some case studies/pointers to get started with your Chinese Marketing.
  • Unlocking the Chinese Market in Australia (Presentation) – 20 – 30 mins
    • Focused more on the Local Chinese Market, and why it is such a great way to get your Chinese marketing started. Featuring detailed steps and pointers in getting studies, case studies and more.
  • Importance Social Media in China (Presentation) – 15 – 25 mins
    • With one of the highest Social Media Penetration rates in the world (90%), and the fact that more than 40% of Chinese shoppers say they use Social Media to make purchase decisions, the importance of Social Media in China cannot be denied. This presentation will go through the state of Social Media in China, and how brands can best leverage it.
  • Chinese Social Media tips (Workshop) – 15 – 30 mins
    • Some guides on howto best do Social Media to the Chinese, what tools to use, what are some tips and tricks, and things to look out for.
  • Unlock the Chinese Opportunity (Long Workshop) – 1 hour 30 mins (As taught at General Assembly Sydney)
    • A very indepth presentation about all aspects of Chinese Digital marketing, from basic to advanced strategies, numerous case studies and actionable next steps.



William has a wealth of knowledge on many topics related to China, especially in the areas of marketing, e-commerce and social media, and will be happy to contribute to any articles/publications.

He was recently featured in The Australian.



China Digital Conference 2013 Melbourne & Sydney


Magic Trick – The Secret to Chinese Market


Unlock the Chinese Market in Australia – Presentation 2013


William Chen – China Tips – Best way to get started with your China strategy.


William Chen – China Tips – Importance of good translation.


Chinese Marketing Magic! – William uses magic in a presentation.

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About William Chen

will_med Born in Shanghai, China and came to Australia at the age of 8, William possesses a perfect balance of cultural understanding between Australia and China. He speaks the language and understands the Australian way, yet ingrained in him from an early age, is all the traditional Chinese values and culture.


Entrepreneurial Background

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, William was exposed to business at a very early age. Guided by his father (Book Author on Australian/Chinese business relations), William understands business at both end of the scale, from your local take away store, successful online ecommerce sites to international corporations.


Small Business Understanding, Hospitality and Franchise Experience

William played a pivotal role in turning a small inner city Italian Restaurant take-away, into an extremely successful franchise with more than 10 outlets around Sydney. William managed various aspects of the franchise, from marketing, promotions to business acquisition. The franchise reached the finals of the City of Sydney Business Awards. William understands the challenges of small business and making the most of every marketing dollar.


Large Corporation Experience, Online Marketing Guru

William has since made his name in marketing by being one of the top online marketers in Australia. Consulting top tier clients such as Allianz, Vodafone, Westfield, Bankwest, Mortgage Choice, Big W, Dymocks, Teds Cameras and Gumtree (eBay) to just name a few.


Top Influencer in Australia, Lunch with Prime Ministerwill_pm

A secret to William’s success online is understanding the needs of the Customer, and speak in a way that resonates with his audience. This is illustrated no better than William being recognised as a Top 10 Social Influencer Under 30 at a intimate lunch with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


Social Media Expert, 50,000 Followers

As one of Australia’s top social media experts, William has amassed more than 50,000 followers, and was the 15th most followed person in Australia. William knows how to engage a large audience and create a large following, whether for a multi-million dollar brand, or a local restaurant. will_magic


Making Marketing Magic

William also leads a double life as a professional Magician, performing at various Weddings and Corporate functions around Sydney. William believes that marketing and magic actually shares a lot in common. Essentially your job is to use the power of influence and persuasion to make an audience see things the way you want them to see, or feel the way you want them to feel!
china_growthChina is now Australia’s second largest source of foreign visitors, trailing behind neighbours New Zealand.

However, these tourists already contribute more than anyone else to Australia’s economy, spending more than $3.8 billion in the last year, and this number is expected to grow 20% every year, as it has done for the last 10 years.

Currently in Australia, there are over 700,000 people living in Australia with Chinese Backgrounds, that is almost 4% of our population.

China is also the largest contributor of foreign students to Australia, with over 170,000 students enrolling every year, contributing a massive $6 billion to the economy.

So as a business, how do you unlock a piece of that monster sized pie? That’s where we come in. China Key will look at your business and understand your customers, then formulate a unique strategy (key if you will), that will help your business unlock the Chinese market in Australia.

We are good at what we do, because we speak the language, and we understand the culture. We know what the market wants, and we know the best way you can reach them.

Our job is not to simply translate your marketing messages, but to optimise it in a way that speaks best to the Chinese market, and then using the right channels to distribute these messages, to reach the right audience, at the right moment.