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Swayy Luxury

Identify the problem and challenge 

As Australia’s newest pre-owned luxury destination Swayy is here to share its passion and desire for the best things in luxury through expertly, handpicked collections of designer leather goods, jewellery and accessories from the world’s most wanted brands.
 For a safe and secure shopping experience, Swayy takes serious care in ensuring everything listed on swayy.com.au is completely authenticated and approved by certified experts. SWAYY has amazing brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent and few more.  They offer savings of up to 40% – 70% on the new RRP of all designer pieces.
 Australia is an attractive destination for Chinese tourists in terms of luxury goods, as they escape the high taxes and duties they face at home. However, they buy direct from luxury stores rather than online shops.  In traditional Chinese thoughts, people buy luxury goods because these luxury goods project their wealth and status.  We have to take a different approach to let people believe that nobody will know the $8,000 bag they wearing were brought for only $2,000.
 Another challenge is that luxury market is subject to fierce competition. Consumers are rapidly turning to multi-channel platforms to help with their purchasing decisions. Without an effective digital strategy, luxury brands and retailers will risk falling behind.

What did we do?

1.Mobile friendly Chinese Landing page


2. A separate domain
3. Traffic tracking
4. Identify key selling points
5. Social Media Strategy




6. We incentivized people to follow the Swayy WeChat through a prize. Only a few months, we have 200 +  followers.
7. We wrote articles and posted them through our close partners. One of our WeChat Articles received 20,121 reads in 2 days.  This is great for brand building.
8. Integrated Campaigns. The campaign was a “luxury style” contest. People upload a photo and get votes. The top 5 gets a prize. There are 600+ votes casted in a few days! Get an audience to connect with Swayy WeChat, so they can be marketed to in the future.


What can the customer/ client now do in terms of its own market segment that it couldn’t do before?

We created an integrated social media for Swayy. Each week, we post a luxury related article for Swayy.  These articles are all related to their products. Meanwhile, the brand name and market share in local has been greatly promoted.
Now, they can use social media to broadcasting their content out to a wide range of interested readers. Interested prospects then visit their content, subscribe, tell their friends, and ultimately link to it.
We also built a ‘Chinese Followers database’ for Swayy. Now, they can interact with their followers, and respond to questions and queries.
 Now, Swayy can get the right people to follow or like their WeChat or Weibo account while at the same time marketing to those people to ensure they become paying customers and then tracking the results.