Sydney Harbour Bridget Seeks to Gain Chinese Tourists - China Key Consulting

29 May 2013
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With the launch of a new Mandarin Climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia has its hopes set on attracting more Chinese tourists with Mandarin speaking guides to lead the climbing tour.

The launch of the climb saw four Chinese Mahjong players enjoying the popular Asian game on Wednesday. “After all there is been a lot of Chinese tourists coming in to Australia in the last 10 years and I think it’s a good move to introduce the Mandarin Climb.” – Tony Liu, Mahjong Player

With the major rise of the tourism sector, Australia has seen its Chinese tourists more than triple their visits. According to Australia’s Tourism Forecasting Committee, China is set to remain the leader in the country’s tourism growth with predictions of 15.9 percent this financial year.

This gaining trend has seen that China Southern Airlines begins flying their A380 super-jumbo jets on the popular Guangzhou to Sydney route later this year. 2011 to 2012 saw direct tourism gross domestic product increase by 5.3 percent to 41 billion US dollars, increasing Australia’s nominal growth rate of 4.9 percent.

Paul Cave, Chairman and Founder of Bridge Climb has said “It’s been a fantastic growth coming in from China. In fact in our own case I think the number coming to Bridge Climb is up 30-35 percent from last year. The rate at which it’s going up I’m sure China will be such a huge market for us in the years ahead and probably in the next 5 years. I imagine that will be the situation for us.”

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