FAQ - China Key Consulting

Q1.Why to shift the attention to the Chinese market?
According to the latest statistics, in 2011, the number of Chinese Australian has reached 865000. Currently, 20% of the population in Sydney are Chinese or Chinese Australians. In 2013, there were over 700,000 Chinese tourists coming to Australia and over 150.000 Chinese students studying in Australia.Beyond doubt, the Chinese market is a big market with massive community members. Furthermore, the Chinese people are richer than they were decades ago before the opening and reforming. The number of millionaires in China reached nearly 2,400,000 in 2013, ranking No.2 in the world. Beyond doubt, the Chinese market is a lucrative market with incredible business potential.
Q2.Why should I choose ChinaKey?
  • ChinaKey understands the Chinese market best.

  • Founded by a Chinese Australian and operated by Chinese marketers living in Australia, we are the one to trust.

  • ChinaKey executes the marketing strategies effectively.

  • ChinaKey has accumulated rich experiences in collaboration with different kinds of cooperations and have a variety of resources to undertake promotions targeting the Chinese market. 

  • ChinaKey provides the services that suit the clients most.

  • ChinaKey has formed stable while flexible procedures in marketing. We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal and make refinements according to your requirement.

Q3.What kind of services can I get from ChinaKey?
  • Tailored Strategies

    • Every industry is different and every company has its needs. With specific customizations, we’ll help you uncover the right target market and the perfect way to capture their attention. We will help you to: define your china target audience define your digital media objectives define a china media solution

  • Chinese Translation & Localization

    • To attract your customers, the language barrier is the first obstacle to surpass. With ChinaKey, it will no longer be a problem. We not only translate the text accurately, but also adapt it based on the Chinese culture and the mindset of Chinese customers, make the most out of it.

  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement Campaign

    • Instead of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the Chinese mainlanders use other social media to get information. Weibo, Wechat, and Youku are the most influential social media in China which have millions of active users. We operate your account on these social media on a frequent basis, to ensure the effective communication with your potential customers. We can also carry out the popular engagement campaign such as contests, lucky draws, to actively involve the customers, thereby raising the brand awareness of your company.

  • Web Development

    • With our understanding of the Chinese market and customers, we can develop the Chinese version of your website with authentic fluency, strong brand awareness, and enticing presentation of your products.

  • Media Buying

    • Cultural Understanding: We’ll showcase your message using the right language, tone and calls to action in the complex Chinese market. Platform Navigation: we use popular channels such as Baidu, Weibo and Google along with various influential local media to maximize the marketing outcome. Targeting: We fine-tune ads for granular demographic targeting to ensure they reach the right people at the right time.

  • Event Management

    • We have innovative ideas which will enchant your target customers with the uniqueness of the event. We value audience experience, so we will pay attention to every detail, trying to perfect the event outcome and impress your customers.

Q4.How does ChinaKey carry out the services?

The services of ChinaKey is made up of two phases.

1.The Setup Phase, which involves strategy setting, translation work, website development and social media creation.

2.The Promotion Phase, which encompasses social media maintenance, competition organizing, content composition, direct advertising, and event organizing.

Q5.Do you have any previous succesful experiences?

We have a number of clients from a variety of industries around Australia. Here we will share the case of two of them.

Case1. Sydney Kings.

Sydney Kings is a local professional basketball team which wants to expand its influence among the Chinese basketball fans.

We adopted social marketing promotion to reach this goal. Some free game tickets were distributed to active Chinese basketball fans. They posted on Weibo and Wechat with their photos at the game. Since they have many followers and friends on these social media platform the brand recognition of Sydney Kings was reinforced among the Chinese students in Sydney.

Case2. Swayy Luxury.

Swayy luxury is a pre-owned luxury bargain website. They guarantee low costs and authenticity of the objects sold online. Chinese people are their important target consumers.

In website translation and localization, we identify the selling points by highlighting their operation principle and the reliability of their commodities. The website became very popular and the reader-friendliness of the Chinese version boost their sales. We also wrote articles about how to distinguish authentic luxury goods and organized a competition online. The Wechat users actively engage in this competition, which was a effective promotion.

Q6.How can I contact ChinaKey?

Add: Suite 25, 104 Bathurst St , Sydney, NSW , 2000 Australia

Tel: 1300 883 846

Email: info@chinakey.com.au