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The Chinese are the fastest-growing tourism group in the world, with approximately 57.4 million people traveling overseas last year.

Chinese tourists are now Australia’s second largest market for inbound visitors, but most importantly, its fastest growing one. Within the last year, the number of visitors from the mainland has surged by 23%, contributing $3.26 billion to the economy. Australia’s main tourism board, Tourism Australia, estimates that in a decade, Chinese tourists could triple their spending, pumping up to $9 billion per year into the economy.

Countries all over the world have begun courting Chinese tourists in earnest, but Australia has been especially aggressive, committing $30 million over three years to its pursuit. As part of its efforts, Tourism Australia unveiled its China 2020 Strategic Plan in June aimed at nearly doubling the number of Chinese visitors to 860,000 over the next eight years.

The number of Chinese tourists accounted for one third of the rise in international visitors to Australia in 2012 and half the increase in tourist spending.

On average, Chinese visitors spend $6803 each during their trip. Those in the 15-29 age bracket stay for an average of 112 nights, twice as long and spending twice as much as British tourists of the same age.

Chinese tourists spend 83 per cent of their time in the cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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