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chinese-kidChinese in Australia Snapshot

There are approximately 700,000 Chinese living in Australia, which is about 3.5% of the Australian population.

China has overtaken the UK to become Australia’s biggest source of migrants. Migrants from China jumped a fifth to nearly 30,000 out of Australia’s total annual intake of 168,685

The main languages spoken at home by China-born people in Australia were Mandarin (59.4 per cent), Cantonese (29.3 per cent) and English (3.8 per cent).

64.7 per cent spoke English very well or well and 34.6 per cent spoke English not well or not at all.

Mandarin, spoken by 1.6% of the population (336,410 persons) at home has now displaced Italian as the most important language other than English in Australia.

In Sydney where by 2011 6.5% of the total population of 4,391,674 had Chinese ancestry, with Mandarin and Cantonese both being spoken by 3% of the population.

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