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will_medBorn in Shanghai, China and came to Australia at the age of 8, William possesses a perfect balance of cultural understanding between Australia and China. He speaks the language and understands the Australian way, yet ingrained in him from an early age, is all the traditional Chinese values and culture.

Entrepreneurial Background

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, William was exposed to business at a very early age. William understands business at both end of the scale, from your local take away store, successful online ecommerce sites to international corporations.

Large Corporation Experience, Online Marketing Guru

William has since made his name in marketing by being one of the top online marketers in Australia. Consulting top tier clients such as Allianz, Vodafone, Westfield, Bankwest, Mortgage Choice, Big W, Dymocks, Teds Cameras and Gumtree (eBay) to just name a few.

Top Influencer in Australia, Lunch with Prime Minister


A secret to William’s success online is understanding the needs of the Customer, and speak in a way that resonates with his audience. This is illustrated no better than William being recognised as a Top 10 Social Influencer Under 30 at a intimate lunch with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Social Media Expert, 50,000 Followers

As one of Australia’s top social media experts, William has amassed more than 50,000 followers, and was the 15th most followed person in Australia. William knows how to engage a large audience and create a large following, whether for a multi-million dollar brand, or a local restaurant.


Making Marketing Magic

William also leads a double life as a professional Magician, performing at various Weddings and Corporate functions around Sydney. William believes that marketing and magic actually shares a lot in common. Essentially your job is to use the power of influence and persuasion to make an audience see things the way you want them to see, or feel the way you want them to feel!

For any questions relating to William or Media enquiries, please email media@chinakey.com.au

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